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Support the Global Center for GSD 

Improve quality of life for hundreds of people

Glycogen storage disease (GSD) is a rare genetic condition, yet one of the most common in the Jewish population. People with GSD have an enzyme problem and are not able to store or break down the complex sugar glycogen properly. 

Advanced research and gene therapy trials are providing new hope for patients with GSD at the Global Center for GSD.

About Alyssa's Angel Fund

In 2006, Gayle and Steve Temkin created Alyssa's Angel Fund in honor of their daughter, Alyssa, who was diagnosed with GSD. Alyssa's Angel Fund has helped support the care of more than 150 children with this disease who lacked access to healthcare providers.

Your generous gifts to the Global Center for GSD and Alyssa’s Angel Fund will provide critical support for healthcare support and research for patients, aiming to improve the quality of life for hundreds of people. 

Support the Global Center for GSD's ground-breaking research with a charitable gift. 

Give to Alyssa's Angel Fund and help patients and their families receive vital support for their treatment. 

“I have always been told that living with GSD is a part of who I am rather than GSD being who I am! It is not always fun having to test my blood sugars and drink Tolerex every 90 minutes, but everyone has something. I am so lucky that my mommy and daddy and Doc David, but mostly my sister Lily, take such good care of me. I hope when the time comes that I am cured, there will also be cures for all of the other diseases in the world. If everyone has a doctor like Doc David, I know there will be!”Alyssa Temkin 

JCF, a non-profit community foundation, provides financial management and oversight for the Global Center for GSD Fund and Alyssa’s Angel Fund. The Foundation is a proud partner in the fight to end GSD and support patients and families impacted by this disease.

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