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Super Heroes

Posted by: Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford on 3/21/2018
My husband woke up recently one morning and said, “I had a dream last night that you were a super hero. You had a cape and everything!” It made me giggle because it was so random, not to mention silly. My husband is a big Marvel fan so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised he had super heroes on his mind. But I did wonder, “why would he think of me as a super hero?” 

As I gave it more thought, it occurred to me that, yeah, some days I do feel like a super hero. Those days when I finally crash into bed 18 hours after my day first started and I realize all I managed to accomplish: with the kids, packing lunches, walking the dog, four loads of laundry, vacuuming, cooking dinner, dishes, completing a three-page field trip permission slip, helping to care for my elderly mother with advanced dementia, the special trip to buy milk and orange Tic Tacs (which according to my son were urgently needed). All that…and working full time. Yeah, sometimes I do feel like I have super powers. 

In the days that followed, I gave it more thought and realized my world is filled with super heroes. 

My mother’s live-in caregiver has super powers. I witness it every day. Mimi never tires of reminding my mother who she is or where the one bathroom is located in her tiny apartment. And she always does so kindly, with endless compassion, and a smile. I don’t know what my sisters and I would do without her. She’s a super hero in my world.

My husband, for whom I’m grateful in so many ways but mostly for the amazing father he is to our two boys. He is the most engaged and hands-on dad I know. My partner in life and, thankfully, my partner in raising our kids. I can’t imagine being on that journey alone; honestly what do I know about raising teenage boys? I think of single parents who do that exact thing each day. I don’t know how, but they manage to do it. Super heroes for sure. 

I think of my dear friend who over the past five years has battled and survived both breast cancer and leukemia. She was forced to be away from her husband and three boys for four months while she underwent treatments in another state. During that isolated time, she still managed their school and sport schedules, cheered them on while watching their games remotely on the iPad. All the while taking the time to check in with me to see how I was doing and how my mother was feeling. A SUPER super hero. 

I witness super powers every day in the amazing people I work with and the donors we serve - most often revealing their unique “super-ness” quietly and without fanfare. Their unwavering dedication to be of service, help those in need, make a difference, repair the world.  

Yes, our world is filled with super heroes. Cape or no cape, they surround us every day. Through daily living, they gently move the world forward, lift us up, and inspire us to do the same. Who are the super heroes in your world?

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Michael Johnston
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What a beautiful blog! We are surrounded by super heroes. Kind, generous, caring people who make a world of difference in the lives of others. Too often we fail to see them in our midst and I am glad that Lisa has reminded us.

My personal superheroes are the employees of the Jewish Community Foundation who quietly and without much recognition do remarkable work in support of the community. They are awe inspiring.

Thank you for writing this and for doing such incredible work.
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