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New Look, Same Lasting Impact

Posted by: Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford on 5/16/2019
The Foundation is pleased to share our refreshed logo, which we believe better expresses our values to the world: forward-thinking, community-minded, and focused on impact.
Our mission and values have not changed, nor has the model we use to achieve them:
  • We still provide donors with customized approaches to realize their philanthropic visions and create lasting legacies.
  • We still run the same professional investment management, ensuring that we fulfill our donors’ intentions, now and forever.
  • We still manage community grants to ensure a thriving Jewish community that honors traditions and adapts to changing needs.
  • We still strive every day to ensure that the Foundation contributes to positive change by supporting our community needs as a thought leader and partner to all.
Here’s what has changed: the visual we use to represent the Foundation to the world.

We’re excited about this new look, and we’ve put a lot of work into this thoughtful representation with our partner in the effort, CO:LAB. The main themes of this visual include:
1. Mosaic: The symbol of the mosaic goes back to ancient law. It references governance and a code of virtues by which we live. It’s a guide to enlightenment, justice, and how we come together harmoniously. The 12 tiles of the mosaic represent the 12 tribes of Israel and through that reference, it represents the various components of the modern Jewish community. We are of different generations and approaches to practice. We may have differing priorities and approaches to problem-solving and we don’t all experience community the same way. But we fit together. And though our individuality is something to celebrate, so is the acknowledgement that there is more that holds us together than separates us. We are stronger together.
2. Star of David: This symbol runs deeply throughout Jewish history and culture. In contemporary uses, while on the flag of Israel, it also stands as a gift to the world of the enduring qualities of an identity grounded in strong values. It is a symbol of intentionality, wisdom, and insight. In the context of our identity, it holds a significant place at the nexus of our logo.
3. The Work at the Center: At the center of our logo is an empty space that diffuses into lines that form the Star of David and the Mosaic pattern. This is the work ahead of us—the completion of community, and the humility with which we recognize our work must be done. In the center is the vessel that we will fill.
4. Forward Motion: The Star of David and the Mosaic are inter-connected in our identity as their symbolic meanings overlap. The logo is shifted from the vertical orientation to embolden the symbols with a forward lean. Our mark is reverent of our rich history, while moving intentionally into the future of our culture and community.
5. Color: Our colors are rooted in the history of our organization with a variant of green at the center. We adjusted the green as a nod to the basic color found in the turquoise color when mixed with the blue-purple color of our identity. These are the rich Tekhelet colors—steeped in tradition and meaning, while maintaining a vibrant modern personality. Our colors symbolize how we hold on to our history and bring it forward in a renewed, purposeful way.
6. Typography: Our typography is strong and simple, set in a humble color to honor the powerful, vibrant symbol of the logo itself. The “J” is distinctly ours and isn’t found in any other type family. It blends a typical “J” with a “vav”, the 6th letter of the alef-bet. Vav is a hook symbolizing connection. Syntactically, adding a vav to the beginning of any word creates an “and.”  The placement in our logo is the connection of the richness of our values and the vibrancy of our history to our foundation. It is a reminder that we are inextricable from where we came.

We hope that our new look resonates with you as it does for us – that the colors inspire pride in our traditions and the possibilities for the future, that the design makes you think of the Jewish people always moving forward with passion and commitment to repairing the world, and that the overall image helps you to connect with the Jewish Community Foundation and its work in a meaningful way. 

What inspires you about our new logo? We welcome your feedback.
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