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Give Today

Give today to a named endowment fund, an impact fund or another charitable fund of your choice.

Give Online
The Jewish Community Foundation offers an easy, secure option for giving online through PayPal.
Send your check to the

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford
333 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite D
West Hartford, CT 06117
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Securities Certificate Securities
Donating appreciated securities often allow donors to make a bigger philanthropic impact and to receive greater tax advantages than donating cash or selling the stock and donating the proceeds. By donating appreciated securities, you bypass capital gains tax and may deduct the fair market value of your gift. 
Gift Delivery Instructions 

An elderly couple.

Charitable IRA Update

Donors ages 72 and over can distribute any amount up to $100,000 per year from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to the Jewish Community Foundation free from income tax. 

Give Tomorrow

Everyone has a unique family and financial situation. Your legacy gift of any size can be designed to match your personal circumstances. Bequests, retirement plan assets, life insurance gifts, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts are some of the ways you can use to make a lasting gift to the foundation to benefit the general Jewish community or your favorite agency or charitable interests.

Working with the Jewish Community Foundation you can create a legacy that reflects your values and addresses your philanthropic and financial goals.

Learn more about creating your personal legacy.

Retirement Plan Assets and Life Insurance

Retirement plan assets are ideal to give to charities when you are gone because they are so heavily taxed if left to heirs. Income and estate taxes can easily consume over 65% of the account balance at death. By naming the Foundation as a remainder beneficiary of these assets, you can leave a very efficient legacy. For those whose need for life insurance has decreased over the years, making a gift of a paid-up policy can be a convenient and effective way of meeting your charitable goals. When you transfer ownership of a policy with a cash surrender value to the Jewish Community Foundation, you are entitled to a charitable tax deduction approximately equal to its value.

Real Estate
The Jewish Community Foundation can accept a wide variety of assets, including real estate. A gift of a house or other personal residence, commercial property buildings and income-producing or non-income-producing land are examples. A gift of real estate that you have owned for more than twelve months generally entitles you a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property. You also avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation. The Foundation's Gift Acceptance Committee must approve a proposed gift of real estate in advance.

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