The Foundation’s Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society recognizes and honors individuals and families who have made a commitment to support the vibrancy of Greater Hartford’s Jewish community in perpetuity through a bequest or other planned gift.

We are inspired by the vision and generosity of these donors.  We are proud to help them pass on their values and leave a lasting legacy.

Legacy Society

• of Blessed Memory

Anonymous (19)
Charles Alpert
Michael Aronow and Margaret Chaplin
Nita Barrabee
Ross and Lauren Benthien
Donna Berman
Robert and Lisa Berman
Lenore Blank
Jack and Barbara Blechner
Sherwin and Ruth Borsuk
Mark and Michelle Boxer
Lyle and Joan Brundage
Harold and Joyce Buckingham
Eleanor N. Caplan
Leon and Jean Chameides
Steven and Leah Chatinover
Edward G. Chestler
Margaret Cohen
Michael and Naomi Cohen
John and Anne Danaher
Harry and Diane Davidson
Siegfried and Andrea deHaas
Thomas and Donna Divine
Renee Dubin
Marc Edrich and Mara Whitman
Robert Fechtor
David and Jean Federman
Fenmore and Gladys•Feigenbaum
Ira and Deborah Feigenbaum
Barry and Clare Feldman
Stanley and Susan Fellman
David and Rochelle Fierston
Daniel and Joan Fine
Charlene and David Fischler
Bruce and Debra Fischman
Hedyth Fishman
Herbert and Ruth “Tutti” Fishman
Peter and Lisa Fishman
Robert and Susan Fishman
Karl and Muriel Fleischmann
Sheila and Theodore Fox
Jim and Dianne Friedman
Annette and Seymour•Gavens
Denis Geary and Faith VosWinkel
Barry and Rona Gelber
Glenn and Beth Gerber

Shirley and Melvin•Gerrol
Zane and Rochelle Gershman
Jeffrey and Carolyn Gitlin
Janice Glass
Richard and Debbie Glassman
Stanley Goldberg and Susan Levine
Robert and Francine Goldfarb
William and Maureen Goldfarb
Rona Gollob
John and Norma Green
Louis and Nancy Green
Gary and Joan Greenberg
Morton and Irma Handel
David and Merle Harris
April Haskell and Jerome Passman
Bradley Hoffman
Michael and Barbara Honor
Theodore and Sheila Jacobs
David Jacobs
Ruth Jacobs
Michael and Corinne Johnston
Jeffrey and Sunny Kagan
Theodore Kaplan and Roberta Woronow
Ruth Katz
Louise K. Kaufman
Robert Kennedy
David and Barbara Klau
Steven and Deborah Kleinman
William and Myra Kleinman
Dane and Michele Kostin
Bernard and Gale Kosto
Nancy Kramer
Jack and Alys Krichavsky
Cary and Elizabeth Lakenbach
Rabbi Gary Lavit
Susan Lebow
Barbara Lederer
Ira and Barbara Levin
Michael and Carolyn Levine
Sharon Levine-Shein and Bruce Shein
Scott and Heidi Lewis
Arlen and Audrey Lichter
Michael and Roxane Lipton
Roger and Jane Loeb
Elaine Title Lowengard

Gerald and Sheri Lublin
Susannah MacNeil
Todd and Jennifer Mailly
Andrew and Joyce Mandell
Mark and Merrill Mandell
David and Gail Mangs
Norman and Denese Mann
David Mathog
David and Lauri Miller
Barbara Mindell
Jeffrey and Susan Morris
Harold and Janet Moskowitz
Arthur and Reba Nassau
Sybil Nassau
Daniel and Arlene Neiditz
Marc Nemeth
Jon O. Newman and Ann Z. Leventhal
Leigh A. Newman
Scott and Ann Newman
Jeremy and Ann Pava
Libby Pearl
Leonard Persky
Steven and Randi Piaker
Scott Piccone and Susan Matlin Piccone
Howard and Patricia Pierce
Deborah Kaplan Polivy
Lee and Natalie Pollock
Frank and Judith Resnick
Rodney and Janice Reynolds
Bernard H. Rosen
Pia Rosenberg Toro
June Miller Rosenblatt
Joel Roskin
Risé Roth
Deborah Rothstein
Marilyn Rothstein
Kenneth and Susan Rubenstein
Richard and Lea Rubenstein
Gideon Rutenberg
Gail Sack
Robert and Reneé Samuels
Evelyn Sandell
Daniel R. Schaefer, Esq.
Andrew Schatz and Barbara Wolf
Norma Schatz
Ronald and Judith Schlossberg

Janet Schrager
Freda and Leonard•Schwartz
Cathrine Fischer Schwartz
Gerard and Judith Selzer
Michael and Elaine Pearl Shapiro
Steven and Carrie Shaw
Richard and Cyral Sheldon
Susan Shimelman
James and Jane Shulman
Lois Siegal
Donald and Linda Silpe
Mary Silverberg
Melvin Simon
Pamela Siskin
Ruth Solomkin
Gary Starr
Marilyn S. Steinmetz
Kathryn and John•Suisman
Elliott and Carolyn Tertes
Naomi Tussin
Ronald and Ruth Van Winkle
Martha Vinick
Stuart and Susan Wachtel
Anne E. Wall
Jeffrey and Diane Wasser
Howard and Patti Weiner
Morton Weinstein and Stacy Nerenstone
Raymond and Gail Weinstein
Randall and Melissa Weinstock
Morris Weiss
Jeffrey and Marjorie Winnick
Daryl and Karen Worobow
Robert Yass and Mary-Jane Eisen
Roslyn Yellin
Rose Yolen
Ted and Vivian Zablotsky
Eric and Jessica Zachs
Henry M. Zachs
Judith Zachs
Jane Zande and Jeff Smith
Chester and Gwen Zaslow
Elliot C. Zweig and Doreen Fundiller‑Zweig of blessed memory

Legacy Leaders: The Rubensteins 

“My parents, Florence and Charles Rubenstein, were inspiring role models. I have always been very proud of  the legacy they left in this great community by caring, giving and leading many of our Jewish agencies both in Hartford and throughout the world.” – Richard Rubenstein, pictured here with his wife Lea

For more information, please contact Kathryn Gonnerman,
VP of Philanthropy
: | 860 -727- 6193